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Heating Issues That Should Never Be Ignored

Heating Issues That Should Never Be Igno

Here are some home heating issues that should be addressed immediately. (Photo Credits)

Heating is crucial in a home especially during the winter season. The San Diego Plumber and HVAC Association says it is important that the HVAC system is in good running condition in time for the snow season. You would not want to be left chilling because of a heating break down that needs to be addressed.


According to the San Diego Plumber and HVAC Association (SDPHA) there are heating problems or issues that should never be ignored. These are the possible operational ticks that merit an immediate call to an HVAC technician. If these signs of brewing trouble are ignored it can further escalate into a major heating trouble that will be more expensive to repair, and will take more time to remediate.


So what are the home heating issues that should never be ignored?


1. Musty odor. Yes musty smell can emanate from any other source inside the home, but it can also come from your heating ducts. When the smell becomes noticeable, call for professional help. Such an odor is indicative of mold presence in your ductwork, and can pose serious health risks. 


2. Malfunctioning Thermostat. Yes it may be just a thermostat, and if it is becoming faulty it could send your heating bills sky rocketing. It could also send your home heating system working harder than normal, putting a strain into the system. It also makes for an uncomfortable home. Surprisingly it could just be a battery problem, or poor user settings, but regardless of that it should be addressed.


3. Non-existing or low air flow. Such a circulation problem could mean that there is a circulation problem in the air ducts. This problem can root from ageing heating components or ill-maintained HVAC system. This should be addressed immediately because it may prompt the whole HVAC system to overheat.


4. Odd Sounds. HVAC or the home heating system should never emit noises at any point of its operations. Yes there may be a very light humming sound that signify that it is working but anything beyond that should be a cause for concern according to the SDPPA. It could be because of a clog, or a mechanical problem, or a generally reduced air flow. Whatever the cause,  and whatever the sound (rattling, banging, buzzing, or clicking) it should be seen by a technician to avoid further issues.  International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

5. No heat at all. The SDPPA says when the heater fails to warm up a house it could mean that there is a brewing issue. Although this could be ruled out by a check in the thermostat controls, it could also mean a clogged or dirty filter. Worse, it could also mean that there is a size mismatch between your HVAC and your home.


The SDPHA says annual preventive maintenance inspections help a lot in averting possible home heating troubles. This should never be missed albeit the costs because the inspection and immediate repair of possible issues can be carried out even before it worsens.

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